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Young & Free: Best Friends

They just dropped their first brand new tune in almost two years, and we can't stop playing it on repeat! "'Best Friends' is an honest account of what we're all thinking and yet maybe haven't known how to express," says Young & Free's Laura Toggs. Aodhan King adds: "It may not sound like a song for Church, but we believe it's an anthem for young people who know there's something missing. Kids who know there's a level of dysfunction to the culture they've been sold and are ready for 'another way.'"

He continued, "Our prayer is that this song propels them on the journey of discovering that the thing they are missing is Jesus. We wrote it with intentionality towards that end...a seed sown into places that our songs have never been before."


Danny Gokey Shares His Testimony On I Am Second

I Am Second is a multimedia movement and not-for-profit organization that is designed to inspire people to put Jesus Christ first, and Life FM artist Danny Gokey recently sat down to share his Testimony with them. From their website: "Fear haunted Danny Gokey, singer and American Idol contestant. He feared that God would leave him and feared that God would refuse his prayers. All his life he battled with questioning if God could be trusted to remain faithful. When his wife later faced a losing battle with a congenital heart condition, all his childhood doubts came rushing back. While his worst fear became reality, he'd face the ultimate question: would he give in to his fear or give his trust to God even in death."

Check out the video below:


Introducing: Natalie Lauren

While she's been on the Christian music scene for a while, she's brand new to the Life FM playlist so let's get to know her! As a songwriter, she has co-written for mainstream artists like Iggy Azalea and Chris Brown. In the Christian scene she has collaborated with the likes of Lecrae, KB, Trip Lee and Swoope. 


A Sermon from CASS: "He Said What He Said"

One of our fave kiwi artists, CASS, recently shared a sermon she preached at her home Church, ARISE in Wellington. We love what she had to say: "I got the privilege of sharing a talk at my (home church) ARISE Church's 6pm Service on the topic "He Said What He Said" -- a message on God wanting us to see Him correctly so we can see ourselves correctly and walk fully in God's purpose for us. Letting God break the filters and healing our internal wounds so we can have no distortion in how we see God and the purpose He has for us."

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