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The Blessing: Global Choir

Sung in different languages and by different people all around the world, we're obsessed with this! Elevation say: "Two months ago, we sang The Blessing for the first time in our church. Since then, God has used the song to minister to families and churches all over the world. We wanted to include many of your voices that have encouraged us"


The Morning Wake Up talk to for KING & COUNTRY's Joel Smallbone

Leanna, Bjorn & Josh sat down with Joel Smallbone from for KING & COUNTRY for an extended chat during lockdown on The Morning Wake Up.

We talked everything from:

  • - Speeding tickets the last time they were in New Zealand
  • - How they've been dealing with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic
  • - Their track 'TOGETHER' featuring Tori Kelly & Kirk Franklin
  • - Joel spilled the beans on Tori Kelly's home haircuts (spoiler alert: :S )
  • - Plus Tori's husband lurking in the background of the 'TOGETHER' music video ?
  • - Joel makes a wager with us, with a private performance in NZ on the line
  • - Josh (tried) interviing his enormous Great Dane Meriweather (@greatdanesmallbone)
  • - And Joel lets us in on some unannounced projects that for KING & COUNTRY are working on!

Watch the full interview from our YouTube channel:


Marley Sola: Lift Your Head High

Christchurch | Ōtautahi native Marley Sola releases his brand new NZ On Air funded single, 'Lift Your Head High.' He says about the track: "The song is ... about my personal journey, the things that have happened in my life, the things that I have learnt so far and that I am still learning. Life happens and everything is constantly moving. The ball just keeps on rolling, no matter what. So when you are tired, or you're not feeling great about life or your situation, just lift your head high, because right around the corner something good is waiting for you."

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