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Paper Cranes Re-Release 'Isolation'

Over on Facebook they write: "Hope everyone in lockdown is staying safe and sane. We decided to do a revisioning of one of our songs (just in demo form), all recorded and arranged by ourselves.

Isolation was originally on 'Oh, Love!' This is a mostly live re-recording we did in our music room in lockdown, to recognise this unusual time.

The first point we have to make is that we should all follow the government's directives - stay home, only go for exercise with your 'bubble' or home unit. Other than that, only go out if you're food shopping or going to the pharmacy.

But we should recognise that there are many people who will find lockdown hard and unnatural. For whatever reason it is - it may be their living situation, their personality, missing social time, or just being stuck inside in general.

Going into full lockdown obviously gives the lyrics a different take - 'I'm no good in isolation, it gnaws at me.' People are going to feel isolated and socially alone, and we know that some people (maybe all of us) will really struggle in this situation.

Our key point - is to reach out to people (online or by calling).

Those who may be finding it hard - and reach out to others if you are struggling yourself. Let's get through this together. The view is one we will see a lot of during isolation."


OneRepublic Release New Song Inspired By Coronavirus Situation

Ryan Tedder shared on Instagram that while they already had the chorus written for this song, he wrote the verses while in self isolation after exposure to someone with Coronavirus, and couldn't help but be inspired by the current situation around the globe. As a way of timestamping this moment in human history, the music video is going to be a collection of clips of fans dealing with COVID-19 all around the world. If you'd like a shot at being in the video, details are in the Facebook post below!


Sherryn chats with Jasmine Murray during Isolation!

With all that is going on in the world at the moment - New Zealand having just gone into lock down and people round the world practicing self isolation. Many of the Life FM artists have been passing the time (for them and us lol) by engaging in Instagram lives.


Jasmine Murray has graced the Life FM playlist for a few years now with her catchy tunes and balad worthy lyrics. So when a notification popped up that she was live on the gram, Sherryn requested to join her through Life FMs instagram and she accepted!! We had a good ole chat with her and arranged for a propper korero on air later that week, because ya' girl had some wisdom to share!!

If you missed the chat or simply have soOOooOoOoo much time on your hands RN you want to listen to it again, here it is Just for you!


Why does God let Covid-19 happen? | Current Affairs with Frank Ritchie

In light of everything that is happening with Covid-19 in New Zealand and abroad, we had Frank Ritchie join us for a Christian take.

We discussed what our response should be as Christians when people ask "Why does God let's things like Covid-19 happen?".

Of course, we had to adhere to strict physical distancing but that we didn't let that stop us from having a great discussion, albeit with a lifesized cardboard cutout of Frank.


Creator of Veggie Tales Launches Online Bible Videos for Kids

Phil Vischer has released Mr Phil TV early so that your kids can spend isolation growing their faith instead of just watching YouTube Videos! You might know him as the co-founder of Veggie Tales, the voice of Bob the Tomato or from one of his many other projects. We're not gonna lie: while this series is designed for kids aged 4-11, as adults we've learned a lot about theology and the Bible from his work too!


Introducing: Licy Be

Licy Be is a NZ born, Australia based rap and spoken word artist from Christchurch - and we're stoked to be adding her latest single, 'The Name' ft. Malia Anitele'a to the playlist!


Worship songs of Hope

As the impact of Coronavirus is felt in Aotearoa, there's a lot of fear and uncertainty going around. Worship music always makes us feel better, and together with the Life FM community we have collated a Spotify playlist of favourites for you to stream. We're also playing out as many of your requests on air as we can, so keep the song suggestions coming!


One Day One Daigle | The Podcast

4.5 years in the making, the full saga of the One Day One Daigle Story is now brought to you in true crime style, with 48 minutes of scintillating audio made to inspire, entertain, and bring back heartful memories for those who lived through the journey with us.

Thanks to everyone who was with us, this one is for you: 

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