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Music News

Abandon Kansas joins Bad Christian

Abandon Kansas frontman Jeremy Spring announced in an interview last week that they will be partnering with Bad Christian (the record label started by Emery) to release their new album next year.

The band will hit the studio in December & January with producers Dustin Burnett (who worked on Turn It To Gold & the Midwest Summer EP) & J. Hall (who's done stuff with House Of Heroes & Hidden Hospitals).

It sounds like they're going to announce a fundraiser in the next little while as well to help fund the album to be released in June. 

Sidenote: the interview also has a great chat about Mo-vember (or No-Shave-November as it's called in the US) but the album stuff kicks in around the 10:00 mark.

Oh also, this is a thing:



A Song-A-Day From Tenth Avenue North's 'Cathedrals'

Tenth Avenue North have come up with an innovative new idea for releasing their upcoming album - they're letting fans stream one song from Cathedrals every day.

Unfortunately, if you're a fan and you've only just caught on to this then you will have missed the streaming of the first couple of tracks, but there are still plenty left to hear leading up to the official release on November 10th.

Watch the video below to hear about the theme and heart behind the album - it sounds pretty cool. Also, click here to get access to the song-a-day!


Come&Live! Colombia Soundtrack Available for Free Download

Come&Live! have just released their follow-up documentary to the one they filmed in New Zealand four years ago - this time in Colombia.

After raising funds via their Kickstarter campaign, they were able to edit the footage taken from three separate visits to South America.

The result is an extraordinary 90-minute documentary following the Come&Live! team as they help the people of Colombia meet Jesus through prayer, music and relation.

And now the soundtrack to the film has been brought out, and its available to download from their website - all at no expense to you!

Watch the documentary below and then click here to download the soundtrack.



Aaron Gillespie Announces Plans for New Worship Album

Former Underoath drummer and current The Almost frontman Aaron Gillespie has spent the last year touring with Paramore at some of the world's biggest festivals.

But now he's settling down to finish his newly-announced worship album Grace Through the Wandering, the follow-up to 2011's solo debut Anthem Song.

The official date for release is for 3rd of February next year - we can't wait!

The first, freshly-released single from the new album 'Praise Him' has just made it's way onto the Life FM playlist so keep your ears peeled for that.

Ears peeled, you say? Yep. That's a thing now.

Below you can hear Aaron talk a little about one of his most life-changing experiences.




Brooke Fraser: Kings & Queens Video

We've been loving the new single from Brooke, Kings & Queens - it's got a bit more of a groove going on, and it looks they've made the most of that in the new video. Enjoy!

Brooke Fraser is back with KINGS AND QUEENS, the first official single from her forthcoming album. Fans can get a hold of the single from iTunes and all other digital service providers.

KINGS AND QUEENS was recorded earlier this year in London with producer David Kosten (Bat For Lashes, Marina and the Diamonds). The track's huge hooks shimmer over buoyant synths and a throbbing beat.

As she embarks on an exciting musical evolution of her own, Brooke describes the song as one about seeking identity. "There are so many songs about love and lost love, but identity sits at the root of that – our desire to belong. Kings and Queens touches on that – finding yourself, the search for an anchor, the truth of who you are and how you live."
Brooke's first new music since her 2011 worldwide smash "Something In The Water" was her track PSYCHOSOCIAL, released without fanfare on her SoundCloud account last month and subsequently remixed by The Heavy Gents (Australia) and FTSE (UK).
After dropping the defiant PSYCHOSOCIAL unannounced to delighted fans ahead of the first single proper, a candid Fraser is unapologetic, "I kind of enjoyed the irony of people hearing that track first via social media, given it is about voyeurism and my take on modern society's faux connectivity."
PSYCHOSOCIAL lit up blogs around the world, praised for its "big, bold and dark overtones" by the UK's thelineofbestfit.com and called a "startlingly fabulous new direction" on Wonderland magazine's site.
Bolder in step and prepared to challenge orthodox opinions around her music, these are intoxicating times for Brooke Fraser and her music.
Retaining her trademark lyrical honesty and insight, she says "I haven't set out to do anything shocking, I am just trying to do what I have always done, share a truth..."
With news of her forthcoming album still shrouded in mystery, this sharper-tongued, more sonically adventurous style from one of New Zealand's most loved artists is one to keep your eye on.


Owl City & Britt Nicole Collaborate on 'You're Not Alone'

Owl City has shown once again that he is not afraid to alienate his huge mainstream following in favour of making songs about his faith.


His latest track, featuring Britt Nicole, is entitled You're Not Alone and features lyrics that are quite explicitly about God.

Adam Young, founder of Owl City, says the song was inspired by a news story about a Sudanese woman who was to be hanged for being a Christian, before being rescued and transported to the US.

"God used that story in my life to touch my heart and say that for those who choose to follow Jesus and honour Him whole-heartedly, he's there with you."

"No matter how dark the day may seem, you are not alone and God knows exactly what you're going through."

"Ultimately, the message of the song is that there is hope and that Jesus Christ is that hope."

Download it from iTunes now.


Introducing (sort of): Copperlily

Tim Skipper (from House of Heroes) and his new wife Stephanie Smith (yes, THAT Stephanie Smith) have formed an indie-folk/pop side-project called Copperlily, and I think they're pretty good.

They've got a full length album coming next year, and a 3-song EP which you get for free when you pre-order it on their website. Or you can just buy the EP now, and get the album in a few months when it's released.



Hawk Nelson release new single "Just Getting Started"

Today, Hawk Nelson announced that their new single "Just Getting Started" (out now on iTunes) will be used in some American Idol promos during the World Series baseball coverage on US TV! The song comes off their new album Diamonds, which is slated to be out early next year.

Also, check this blog post from bass player Dan Biro, about his current medical situation. We're praying for you mate!



King's Kaleidoscope // Becoming Who We Are

Seattle-based worship band King's Kaleidoscope have just debuted their first album under new record label Tooth & Nail - and it's packed full of eclectic and wonderful sounds, as we've come to expect from the decatet.


The alternative rockers have made the album - entitled Becoming Who We Are - available for streaming on RELEVANT Magazine's website.

King's Kaleidoscope convey the emotion and rawness that few other acts can convey; aided by the constant experimentation and the orchestral feel inherent in the record.

We urge you to give it a listen. If you love it (as we expect you will) you can pre-order the album on iTunes. It's out on October the 28th.

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