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P.O.D. Acoustic Album - pledge music


Are you a massive P.O.D. fan?

Fancy yourself a pair of hand signed drum sticks? How about a one on one guitar lesson via skype? Are you already yelling "JUST TAKE MY MONEY"? Well, it gets better... how about getting your hands on a track suit worn in the music video for "Boom"!

Jump on pledge music and help fund P.O.D.s acoustic album! Pledge your dollars and the band will reward you with some pretty sweet incentives.

The boys are pretty excited about this album and so are we.

Heres the link.


The Latest Fallouts latest competition

The Latest Fallout are running a cool competition starting TODAY! They want you to record and upload a video of you covering their song Better. And the twist is... you have to change the word Better for a word that rhymes with Better every time the word Better comes up in the song! Those aren't the rules though, you can change more of the lyrics if you need to! Just get creative and have fun with it!

The winner will receive:

> free tickets for you and a friend to one show of your choice on their up coming album tour (tour dates soon to be released)

> backstage passes to hang out with the band before the show

> a free signed album and free signed poster!

For a little inspiration to get you started check out this AMAZING cover of Better found on YouTube today

Entries close: 12/09/14 The winner will be announced before they set off on their Nation-Wide NZ tour! You have 4 weeks!


New Music This Week: 8 August 2014

We're always adding new music to the Life FM playlist - so I figured it'd be handy to get a weekly update on the new stuff you'll be hearing, complete with iTunes links so you can get the songs for yourself! 

Royal Tailor - "Making Me New" from Royal Tailor

Shonlock - "My Choice Is You" from A Night To Remember

Tenth Avenue North - No Man Is An Island from Island - EP

Check em out and sound off in the comments on which one is your favourite - you might see them in the HIGH 5 Hottest (the countdown of the best new music every weeknight at 7.10).


Ember Days Life FM Kickstarter Reward

You may have heard about The Ember Days latest kickstarter, its an Audio/Visual Experience - in their words... 

'We are trying to create an audio and visual experience that will be the most beautiful expression of our hearts that we can possibly muster. God is beautiful and he is creative, we are made in his image and we want to create an album along with visuals that will be used at our live events. The visuals will be from New Zealand, British Colombia, Northern Scotland, Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park, and Iceland. We are not just adding visuals as a 'cool idea'. That is just about meaningless – The reason is that the Bible says "creation declares the glory of God". We feel like in a world where we feel quite often alone – these visuals along with the songs will lift our eyes and hearts to see how powerful God is, how present he is in the midst of our chaos.'

We were stoked to hear that Jase and the band are keen to offer something special for the Life FM Fans! 

Pledge $20 or more
{LIFE FM LISTENER REWARD} - You're invited to a pre-release party in Auckland in January 2015. This event will be a barbecue where we'll give an acoustic performance of some of the new songs and listen to the new record in it's entirety months before it's actually released. You'll also get a digital download of the entire Album on the release date.

Support them here - and we'll see you at the party!


Falling Up launch Kickstarter

Falling Up have started a Kickstarter campaign to fund a brand new full length album. The band is looking to raise $40,000 over the next 40 days. Check out the promo video below. If the band hits $60k they will do a band documentary, $80k a music video, $100k reimagined & re-recorded songs of the band's first 2 albums Crashings & Dawn Escapes.

Thanks IndieVisionMusic


Dan chats with Tim from House of Heroes

Dan caught up with Tim Skipper from House of Heroes to talk about their new concept album, going independent, meeting the future Mrs. Skipper, and whether more covers albums are on the way...

Support the crowdfunding campaign by visiting igg.me/at/houseofheroes

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