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Music News

Remedy Drive combat human trafficking

Dove Award-nominated band Remedy Drive have announced that they are releasing a new album - with a specific purpose. Inspired by frontman David Zach's recent trip to South East Asia with The Exodus Road, the band want to raise awareness of the issue of human trafficking and help fund the rescue of those being exploited.

"We want to make a concept album on liberty, to shine a light on slavery, to protest oppression and to empower rescue," Zach said. "We want to add to the soundtrack of the resistance. My hope is that this album will sound like a captive's dream of liberty—a defiant reminder, against all odds, that in the King's Kingdom the oppressed can find refuge, the marginalized can find Hope, the child soldier can find safety, and the trafficked daughter in the red light district can return to her innocence again as a princess of the Realm."

Remedy Drive are currently in a fundraising phase for their 10th studio album, with a Kickstarter campaign established so fans can support them with their vision. You can view the campaign here.


Bieber features in Christian rapper's video

Justin Bieber has discussed his faith in Christian rapper Brandon Burke's latest music video, entitled 'The Pledge'.

Although the pop-sensation has featured heavily in recent media coverage for the wrong reasons, Bieber shows his faith is still significant to him as he discusses God's grace and the death of Christ at the end of Burke's video.

Bieber says: "Imagine someone killing your son - like, a bunch of people killing your son; these are your people. It's like, how are you killing my son? It's gonna be hard for you to forgive. God forgave everyone, and they killed his son. That show's how much grace God has."

See the video here.


Kye Kye to remix "Fantasize"

Just like they did with the Young Love Remix EP, Kye Kye are working on a remix project based on tracks on their January 2014 release Fantasize.

But this isn't an exclusive club, if you want to have a go at remixing one of their songs, and possibly get your remix included on the album, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they'll send you some vocal stems.

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