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Crowder & Social Club Misfits: Testify

​This song is Fern from Social Club Misfit's testimony: it's about how even though he went to jail and thought his life was over, Jesus has used him and now he can share his testimony through music. If you want to watch more about Fern's testimony, there is a video a lttle further down in this article:


Marley Sola: Heaven

You might be familiar with his song Darkest Days together with Majestic Sounds Like, or his work as a part of Moorhouse! If you're not so familiar with Marley, you can read a bit more about him below!


Sherryn talks to Peabod

New kid on the Life FM playlist, Isaac Peabody, AKA Peabod, found time in his busy schedule (between his main hustle and side hustle) to chat with Sherryn from the otherside of the world!


Hollyn: bye sad girl

Our girl announced a new 6-song EP and we are so excited! Leading up to the release in September, a new song will be available each month. You can watch the first video below: 


It's New Zealand Music Month!

Introducing the Kiwi Youchart! The 40 biggest Kiwi songs over the last 12 months are available for you to vote for at https://www.lifefm.co.nz/more/youchart

You can vote once per day for as many songs as you like! Each weeknight we'll count down the top ten, and at the end of the month we'll have a massive countdown of the top 40 and crown the winner of the Kiwi Youchart. Get voting!

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