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Switchfoot: Native Tongue

Guess the hiatus is well and truly over - Switchfoot have announced their 11th album, Native Tongue! They say: "Yes, there's guitar solos.
Yes, there's cello and French horn.
Yes, our friend, kaela Sinclair (from M83) joins us on a track.
Yes, brent and ryan from OneRepublic helped out.
Yes, bear from NEEDTOBREATHE chipped in on production."


New Music from Hollyn!

Hollyn says: i have tried to come up with an elaborate explanation of what this means to me, but words won't come at the moment. i have poured everything i could say and feel out in the open... these are more than songs. these are more than videos and cool photos. this is one story of many to come. i have waked through hell and back to write from these places in my soul. i want to be as real and as vulnerable as i feel led on and off the stage, with or without the music.
thank you to everyone on my team who let me dream to the highest capacity and believed in my heart before my gift. i truly couldn't have done it without you.
so much more to come soon. xo

your friend, Hollyn. 



He recently featured on The Young Escape's hit 'Love Me Like You', and now we're stoked to see some of nobigdyl's solo music on the playlist!


Lauren Daigle Leads Worship At A Prison

"Yesterday was one so unexpected." She writes on Instagram. "It was a day that was more than I can articulate. It was a day my eyes had never seen and will never be able to unsee. We sang songs with inmates whose voices carried deeper in to our hearts than the echo of a microphone will ever release. I saw hope in the face of the hopeless, joy in the wake of sorrow, wealth in the gap of depravity, and life in the midst of death. These people have stories, and they also have souls. I watched heaven befriend those who are often forgotten. With each day that passes, may I never take for granted what it is to walk around as a free man. I held a bottle of cold coffee upon pulling out of Statesville Correctional Prison. My hand had never remembered that bottle being so cold...

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