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Gungor Announce 'I Am Mountain' Bonus Releases

Gungor will release two new albums as subsidiaries to the critically acclaimed I Am Mountain on July 8th, with both featuring eight new bonus tracks.

The first of these two is the I Am Mountain Deluxe Album, which contains all of the original I Am Mountain release as well as the eight bonus tracks.

However, in the event that you have already bought the non-deluxe version of the album, I Am Mountain Bonus Material will also be available as a stand-alone purchase.

The bonus tracks are a mixture of live cuts, b-sides and remixes from a band that has been described as "one of music's most imaginative outfits" in their iTunes editorial.

Check out the Let It Go (Prince Fox Remix), which is available exclusively here on Spotify.


Owl City's 'Ultraviolet EP' Out Now

Owl City released a brand new EP named Ultraviolet last Friday, which is now available for download from the iTunes Store.

Adam Young, the mastermind behind Owl City, wrote on his website at the start of the year that he was planning on releasing a succession of EPs this year, rather than a full-length album.

Ultraviolet is the first of two or three Owl City releases this year, with Young saying he has already begun work on the second.

In the build up to the Ultraviolet EP release, Owl City debuted the video for Beautiful Times featuring Lindsey Stirling, which is the opening track - and you can check it out below!


Dan chats with Mark from The Digital Age

Dan has been catching up with The Digital Age frontman Mark Waldrop this week from the Life studio. Check out the interview below!

The Digital Age is a four-piece band from Waco, Texas, formed out of what was previously the David Crowder Band. In 2012 they went to the top of the iTunes Christian charts with their EP Rehearsals. They released their only full-length album to date, Evening:Morning, in August last year.


Jayraj Weighs In on Tim Lambesis Saga

Jayraj Unka from the Underground Show has been adding his two cents to the debate raging around former As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis, following recent comments Tim made relating to his faith and criminal charges.

In an article written for Parachute Music entitled 'Circle Pits and Hypocrites', Jayraj urges people - particularly former fans - to suppress their judgement of a man who is in such obvious need of help.

Jayraj writes: "Yes, he has done something wrong. He will do his time for this. He needs to deal with the consequences of his actions. But let's leave it at that. Let's not judge him anymore. Don't throw away his CDs or burn your T-Shirts. That's not going to help anyone. We should be praying for him. Praying that some amazing people gather around him and help him through this tough time."

The Tim Lambesis saga will be discussed further on The Forum at 9pm this Sunday night.

Read the rest of Jayraj's article here.


Lecrae Reveals Album Cover for 'Anomaly'

Christian rap sensation Lecrae revealed the album cover for upcoming album 'Anomaly' this week, which is set to be released in August this year.

The album has been receiving a lot of buzz recently, with NBA superstars Jeremy Lin and Stephen Curry both posting photos followed by the hashtag #anomaly on Twitter.

Check out the tweets below, as well as the instagram video that accompanied the album cover release.


Micah Bournes Releases Free Album 'Alive & Ill'

Spoken word artist Micah Bournes has just released his new album Alive & Ill, and it's available for download from his bandcamp completely free of charge.

Bournes visited New Zealand earlier this year, endearing himself to Kiwi audiences with his clear gift for poetry and his insatiable desire for social justice and God.

Alive & Ill sees Bournes delve into some rather personal stuff; talking of his struggles with ulcerative colitis, his family, and forgiveness.

His track 'As We...' featuring Ethan Butler is on Alive & Ill and can be heard below. If you like what you hear, remember you can visit his bandcamp page and download the entire album for free.



Steven Cooper puts career in fans' hands

Postive rap/hip-hop artist Steven Cooper is giving away 100,000 copies of his latest album Stereotype to get mass exposure to his music. Once, and only once, he reaches that number, he'll release his new EP titled Odd One Out.

It could take a couple of weeks, it might take 2-3 years... his entire career is at a stand still until his fans get the album 100,000 times.

So, share the link around to your friends who you know could do with some positive rap, cos I for one want to hear the new stuff!

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