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Music News

Parachute announces new brand 'SMOKE'

Parachute has announced a new "mainstream-facing commercial entity" named SMOKE that will focus on artist management, creative & commercial services, and events.

It will also house Smoke Studios, a creative collective helping musicians make their art into a living by teaching them to develop commercial music and radio jingles.

In an email sent out to Parachute supporters, CEO Mark de Jong said "Smoke Studios is a great, practical way for us to help musicians make a living from their art".

The announcement of their latest endeavour comes two months after it was revealed that the annual Parachute Music Festival would be coming to an end.

De Jong also made it clear that Parachute Music will continue as a not-for-profit charity, with an emphasis on advocating for Christian musicians in the industry.

To top it all off, they've promised to keep us posted on the development of two concept tours planned for later this year, featuring a range of artists in their network.

Exciting times indeed for Parachute!

Check out their new websites for SMOKE and Parachute Music, and keep your eyes peeled for future announcements.


Tedashii's 'Below Paradise' Out Now

Hip-Hop artist Tedashii is back after a three-year hiatus with critically-acclaimed new album 'Below Paradise'.

The album explores the meaning of triumph and hope amidst a life filled with patterns of pain and loss, which Tedashii knows all too well after the loss of his son last year. The songs delves into the reality of suffering, deep and true joy, and the false expectations we carry. Below Paradise is filled with true authenticity and uncut honesty during this season of his life.

Download it now from iTunes.


Rapture Ruckus Announces Invader Vol 2 Release Show in Wellington

Rapture Ruckus has announced on Facebook today that they are going to do a sneaky album release show in their home town Welly on the 4th of July. Tickets are very limited - only 300 will be going on sale!! We don't have a link to buy tickets yet but they go on sale next Wednesday the 28th May. To make the show that extra bit special you will get a FREE signed album with your ticket!


Kimbra Makes 90's Music

Australian-based New Zealand Kimbra, dropped her new single "90's Music". This time she has made a different sound... This is totally different to her debut album "Vows". 90's music is a taste of what's to come, before releasing her second full length album.

Have a listen to the single on sound cloud.

Download the single on iTunes here.


NZ Music Month: Strahan

Folk singer-songwriter Strahan entertained us with some tunes for NZ Music Month last week. It was legit.

His live performance of upcoming single 'Feel the Night' can be viewed below.


Gungor reveals newborn daughter has Down Syndrome

Michael Gungor has revealed that he and wife Lisa's new daughter Lucette has been born with Down Syndrome.

In an emotional blog entry, Gungor describes his overwhelming grief in the aftermath of Lucette's birth, and discusses how Psalm 139 helped him see his new daughter's birth as a blessing.

"I began to see that this precious life that had been given to us was indeed a gift. Even though it might not have come in the expected packaging with the exact kind of bow and wrapping paper that we are accustomed to, it was no less of a gift. Life is a gift. Period."

You can read the rest of his blog entry here.

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