Sherryn chats to Thomas Brothers Featured

Thomas Brothers, though fairly new to the Life FM playlist, they are no stranger to making music! They've been making music together since before they could walk!!

Just like their name suggests, they are ACTUALLY brothers - Four siblings, Sam, Josh, Joe and Ben. With a story similar to that of the Jonas Brothers, the Thomas Brothers have been making music together since they were young. Releasing "I Need to get Home" and "Keep Holding On" on their self titled album - they've now returned with their first song since 2016 - SORRY! Premiered on Life FM. They have their second full length album on the way later this year.

The 2/4ths of the Thomas Brothers that joined Sherryn in the Life FM studio were incredibly fun and even helpful - fixing the aspect ratio on one of the TVs!! They gave a live performance of their song "I Need to get Home"

These four brothers are extrememly creative, and in my opinion have one of the best music videos I've seen in a long time for their song "I Need to get Home". It kinda feels like watching Jumanji!

If you missed the interview or just want to listen again, you can do so below!


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