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Sherryn Talks to Karen McMillan

Karen McMillan is a kiwi author with 15 books, published in 9 countries, a mixture of fiction, non-fiction and children's books.

Her books "Everyday Strength" and "Unbreakable Spirit" are the two we talked about today.

Everyday Strength is a beautiful book full of nourishing recipes and wellbeing tips for people facing cancer that will help make everyday a little brighter.

Unbreakable Spirit is collection of real life stories of cancer, representing a wide range of circumstances that will provide comfort and help for families facing cancer.

If you missed the interview you can listen here


Karen is a beautiful lady, who is using her journey and expericence to help others. She has also volunteered for many years for her local hospice, writing articles that promote the life-affirming work that they do.

Karen is a breast cancer SURVIVOR.

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