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Amen, brutha.

"I’m telling you. Prayer works."

"What’s a time that prayer didn’t work for you?"

"The time I didn’t pray."


The Skullcandy Showdown!

Ash and Saskia are holding a wee competition thanks to their mates at Skullcandy! All you have to do is beat the score of other Life FM listeners in a yet-to-be-announced facebook game and you will win a Skullcandy SLYR or PLYR1 Gaming Headset! Easy, right? Just follow the steps below to enrol yourself in The Skullcandy Showdown! Check out: http://nz.skullcandy.com/ for details on the headsets!

Step 1: Add this profile as a friend: www.facebook.com/ashsaskia.showdown

Step 2: Wait patiently for Monday and we will announce which Facebook game you will have a week to achieve a high score on.

Step 3: Win an awesome Skullcandy SLYR or PLYR1 Gaming Headset!

P.S Even if you don't get the highest score, you could still win a Headset just for participating!