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Need more caffeine in your life?

This will do the trick. Coca-Cola Coffee Plus combines two already caffeinated drinks to give you an even more caffeinated concoction with 50% more caffeine.. that's a lot of caffeine.

Haven't tried it for myself but apparently it doesn't really smell like coke, or coffee for that matter, but rather odd. And it sort of tastes like coke but has a coffee aftertaste. 

If you're sold on the idea, unfortunately you won't be able to try this anytime soon as the Coca-Cola Coffee Plus is currently only sold in certain vending machines in Japan.

And if you are in need of that much coffee, can I suggest a double shot espresso or two? 


Toddler 1 News Presenter 0

One of the greatest moments this week!!

During a live interview on ITV News a little girl stole the limelight. British news anchor, Alastair Stewart was interviewing a mum about new guidelines on testing for milk allergies in babies when her daughter Iris got off her chair, walked around to the side of the desk before climbing up on it and jumping up & down.

Check out the video below!! 

Both mum and presenter kept their cool and continued the interview! Props to Alastair for remaining professional with the toddler chaos!

I definitely would have been distracted!