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DIY a workplace surprise Featured

I love planning a good surprise at work.  This one was for Asher, when his new little girl was almost here (she is here now YAY).

There are so many reasons to plan a workplace surprise (Birthday, Bon Voyage, Baby Shower) and it really doesn't have to cost you much at all.

Here's how this one was pulled off:

Stripey Wall
photo 14

I got sheets of brown paper (super inexpensive and you can buy them from the $2 shop) and 1 tube of grey and 1 tube of white paint (also from the $2 shop).  Paint the stripes! I found it easiest to use a little foam roller.  Fold the paper in half before you paint, letting the first stripe dry before you attempt the second stripe.  BEWARE: secure it when you let it dry outside or the wind will get paint on your deck. EEK!
To hang it on the wall i just used velcro dots so it could easily be removed after the party.
Easy right?

Hanging Lanterns  Pom Poms

Again these ones are from the $2 and are really easy to assemble.  I recommend using nylon string so it stays invisible but your welcome to use pretty ribbons as well.

cake montage

Cake always has a way of bringing people together.  For this party in particular it was so nice to get the girls from work together to create something amazing. Ok it might look a little complicated but when you work as a team it's easily achieved.  This one was from the Bluebells Cakery Cookbook which is one of my faves.
The Pom Pom garland at the top, well go back to childhood days when you'd create wool pom poms, string them together and voila.

For this party all the staff had been sneaking me presents that I stashed in a cupboard.  On the morning of the surprise we put them all on his desk.

It worked oh so well and he was genuinely surprised.
So that's how this little workplace surprise was pulled off.  Have some fun and see what you can come up

Hols xo

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