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Little Shop/Holly Hack


New World's Little Shop is all the rage at the moment.  Collecting little mini toy food products with every $40 you spend.

I've been doing the maths (yes it's very rare that i venture into anything that includes the word 'maths')

So there's 50 new collectables and you need to spend $40 for each one.  Provided you don't get double ups you will have spent $2000 on groceries to collect them all not to mention all the little shop accesories.

Here's where it turns into a Holly Hack.  Yesterday when i was doing my gorceries i noticed they scan each little shop collectable before putting it in your bag.  When it's scanned it came up as 3cents (hoping my memory served me correctly on that one), so surely if it has a barcode and a price you could just buy them all and not spend a fortune.  Hey it may not be a possibility but worth a try.

Ok this has to be the most random blog i've ever written.  

I can't deny that Little Shop was a clever idea and the little food products are so cute!


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