WATCH: Frozen 2 First Teaser Trailer

I'm a BIG Disney fan and I'm also a BIG fan of the Disney movie Frozen! The 2013 movie with the unforgettable, stuck-in-your-head hit song - "Let It Go", has got a SEQUEL. And it comes out THIS YEAR!


Frozen 2 will be released in NZ on the 28th of November and the first teaser trailer is out!

The two-minute long preview is packed with action and we even get a glimpse at a possible new female character but we don't find out much about the plot or even have a clue about the next hit songs!

I got chills the first time I watched it, then tried to figure out what's actually happening the next couple of times, and now I have so many questions!

Why is Elsa trying to run across the ocean? Where is Kristoff, Sven and all the reindeer going? Why is Anna separated from her sister Elsa? What are they looking for? And who does Anna swipe the sword at? 

So many questions but we'll have to wait until the next trailer comes out or even until November for the actual film. 

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