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Eloise Explains Easter Saturday

When reflecting on Easter, Saturday feels like the saddest day of them all. It's hard to think about Jesus, there in the tomb, dead. Nobody likes thinking about dying, but we hardly ever think about actually being dead.


With death, life ends. Breathing stops, and in an instant, the life of this person has ended. In a matter of hours, the body becomes cold and lifeless. It's like this person no longer exists - all that is left is this shell that once held their life.
Death is the ultimate fear of pretty much everyone. It is the one, inevitable reality we all will face. Maybe you define yourself by your looks, how strong you are, or how smart you are. It's hard to think about how one day, it will all be gone. Our lives are limited.

Today is a day to really think about death and our fear of it. Death is very real, it will happen to all of us, and the inevitable approach of it holds a lot of power in our lives. The 'good news' of Jesus rising from the dead has no real power in our lives unless we have faced the reality of death. To contemplate Jesus' body, there in that tomb, is to look our death in the face.

God prepared to rescue us from the power of sin and death. The God who created us raised Jesus from death. We can rejoice that death has no final victory over us!

This Easter Saturday we can prepare our hearts for the resurrection tomorrow. We know that tomb will be empty and remain empty forever! It's a sign that our lives will not really end, but instead be transformed. One day, we will all be with Jesus. He knows our death, but he prepares a place for us in everlasting life.

If we truly believe that death holds no true power over us, then we have freedom! We don't need to worry about the things the world worries about. We can give away our lives in love.

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