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A German Circus is Using Holograms Instead of Animals

Going to the circus has always been a wonderful social outing. However, circus animals aren't always treated well and many animal rights activists have been campaigning to end the use of animals as entertainment. 

Germany's "Circus Roncalli" founded in 1976, has stepped up and opted for a high-tech makeover, becoming the first in the world to use holograms instead of real animals in its acts. The circus uses 11 projectors to create the 3D holograms and other projections in their show and as you can imagine the results are breathtaking. This incredible project took a crew of 15 talented designers and software engineers to pull the whole thing off. During the show there are hologram horses that appear out of nowhere, stampeding around the circus ring, as well as elephants and even fish.

circus-using-holograms-animals-fish Cropped

Holograms are not a new idea to the entertainment industry but this is a first and a great initiative in the circus world. The idea actually came to Bernhard Paul (the founder of Circus Roncalli) when he was watching the 2018 NFL Super Bowl half-time show. During Justin Timberlake's performance, a hologram of the late music legend Prince was seen singing alongside him. After the show, Bernhard Paul was determined to find a way to make the technique work within his circus.

His vision has finally come together to create a truly amazing circus holographic experience. Regulators are slowly catching up with the circus's decision, and last month the government passed a rule in the UK which will ban circuses using wild animals in their performances.

See for yourself in the video below!

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Head article photo and second photo taken from Roncalli Official's Instagram:

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