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Create Your Own Travel Map

Wow it's so cool seeing the places you've been and the places you want to go. Matador has set up a cool little world map and all you need to do is click the places you've been.

Check out my map, i've been to Australia, Brunei, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, NZ, Norfolk Island, Singapore and USA.  


Wow there's still so many places to explore though right??  It's pretty incredible that you can jump on a plane and travel across the world!

Go on have a go and dream of the places you're yet to see

Hols xo



I surprised myself over the weekend! I used an orbital sander, a belt sander, a plate sander, a paint brush and a roller!  Not usually things i'd associate myself with, but check out the result:

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Up-cycling is so much fun.  This was an old set of pine drawers with ugly round handles!  With the help of pinterest to come up with an idea and the help of a skilled Dad it really wasn't hard!

I can't wait to get into the next set of drawers!  What a cheap and fun way to transform a room :)

Hols xo




The "real" Barbie

Someone has finally created a "real" Barbie called Lammily.


Creator Nickolay Lamm took measurements of the average 19-year-old American woman and after a crazy succesful kickstarted Lammily was created.

Stickers can also be added to create stretch marks, pimples and cellulite.


Personally i'm stoked that girls can still have fun dressing up a Barbie but can get a positive view on body image.

They're going on sale next week in the US for around $25.

What do you think of Lammily??

Hols xo