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Cake Stencils

I've been having some fun decorating my favourite chocolate cake...
New ImageIMG 3976

All it takes is a stencil and some icing sugar.  
The first one is just a doily (you can get those at the $2 shop) i cut a heart out of the centre of mine and then sifted the icing sugar on top.
The second one is a clear plastic sheet (ie Old OHP paper).  The great thing about this is you can create whatever design you want!  I'd previously used that one as a paint stencil so it's a bonus that it worked for cake decorating to.

So go on, next time you're invited out for dinner offer to bring the cake and have a go at some alternative decorating.
Such fun!
Hols xo




Gungor has written a really special blog about their beautiful daughter Lucie who was born with Down Syndrome.

photo top

On October 16th she'll be having heart surgery. Because Lucie means light, they're encouraging their followers to hold a light for Lucie and #lucieislight and @gungormusic.  Be a part of something special for precious Lucie.

To read the rest of the blog click here