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Dogs + Disneyland = Happiness

A group of service dogs being trained by Canine Companions for Independence (CCFI) vistied Disneyland and the photos are so good!

CCFI provides assistance dogs to adults, children and vets with disabilities. 

The field trip to Disneyland was to help improve the dogs' social skills and one of the handlers, Kendra Clark, said: "Meeting the characters was their favorite part of the trip!!!

If the following photos don't bring you joy, then I don't know what will!





Photo Credit: Kendra Clark (dog handler)

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Mini Chocolate Easter Nests (no bake)

This is a simple but fun treat to make this Easter!

I came across Mini Chocolate Easter Nests last year but misplaced the recipe. So I decided I would try to recreate it for this Easter and I am delighted to say it worked! I wrote down my own recipe this time and wanted to share it with you.

P.S. This is very easy to make, no baking experience required and fun to do with kids.



· 250g milk chocolate

· 2 cups Crispix cereal (alternately you could swap this for shredded coconut)

· mini chocolate eggs (I chose M&Ms Speckled Eggs but you could use Cadbury Mini Eggs)

· 20 mini cupcake cases

Makes 20 mini Easter nests
Prep Time: 30 mins
Set Time: 1 hr or until firm (in fridge)


1) Break up all the chocolate and place it in a pot over the stove on low heat. KEEP stirring until the chocolate has melted. Set aside to cool slightly.


2) Place 2 cups of Crispix cereal in a bowl and crush into tiny pieces. 


3) Add the crumbled Crispix to the melted chocolate (If using shredded coconut, just add the 2 cups of coconut straight to the melted chocolate) and stir to combine.


4) Place the cupcake cases into a mini cupcake tray and spoon in the chocolate-Crispix mix to create chocolate nests. You can use the back of the spoon to make a small dent in the centre of each nest, where the eggs will sit. Place 2-3 eggs in each 'nest' and then place in the fridge to set (an hour or until firm).