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Love Doc: 30 June 2015

Hey Love Doc,
Why do I get so irritated with my wonderful fiance??
We have been together for two and a half years and are due to be married in January.
I absolutely love and adore him, but sometimes I am just so annoyed with him for no real reason at all..
He is a loving and thoughtful partner, and I look forward to seeing him all day - but sometimes I am just so darn mad with him I just shut off and give him the cold shoulder, or tell him off for using too much milk or leaving the lights on or something silly like that.
I am not an irritable person in general, so what on earth is going on here? I really don't want to keep damaging our relationship like this. Lucky he is so forgiving!

Hey Love Doc,
Do you really think people are meant to be married for life?
We live a lot longer than we used to, and I just wonder if people get bored after 30+ years of the same person.
I am in a relationship but am worried that one day we will grow apart over time, or just want different things.
I guess I’m just afraid of committing to someone ‘Til death do us part’. There are so many variables in life!
How could I promise that to someone?


Love Doc: 16 June 2015

Hey Love Doc,
I left home at a very young age because I couldn't deal with abuse from my mum or siblings anymore as it was affecting me very badly.
I haven't been home since but have forgiven my family in knowing they are sinners just like me.
It has been 2 years since I left - do I need to try and reconcile with them as part of the forgiveness?  
I worry that it might not be safe and due to circumstance I may have to see them soon. Unsure about what to do....

Hey Love Doc,
I haven't been to church for 5 years.
In that time I got married - my husband does not go to church.
I feel God is calling me back to church but I want my husband to come with me
I feel this is stopping me from going to church if he doesn't want to go. What do I do?