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Love Doc: 07 October 2014

Hey Love Doc,
My wife and I are new Christians and we are now realising we've raised our kids with the wrong principles and values.
The regret that we hold over this is immense - we feel we have set them on the wrong path in life and failed them.
They're in their 20s now and we're not sure there's anything we can do for them – any advice?

Hey Love Doc,
I keep hearing (in church as well as other places) that pornograpy is bad and that it will ruin your life. I don't really get it.
I'm almost 20 and have been looking at pornography for a few years.
I don't see how it's bad because I haven't been in a relationship for any of that time so it's not like I'm cheating on anyone - so how is it supposed to be affecting me?


Love Doc: 30 September 2014

Hey Love Doc,
My best friend is planning on leaving her husband. I don't know if I should tell him what she tells me so he can try to fix things?
What's your advice?

Hey Love Doc,
My wife and I are 100% set on two very different baby names for our child who is now weeks away. I want Sonny and my wife wants Jacob.
It's such an important decision and neither of us want to budge on his first name. We're at a stalemate - what would you do?