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Avalanche City with Bjorn & Tiff

Bjorn & Tiff caught up with Dave Baxter from Avalanche City for NZ Music Month, his new album ' We are for the Wild Places' drops July 3rd. Massive! Dave did an epic version of his new single 'Inside Out' even bringing in an old school reel to reel - check it out!


17 March2015

Hey Love Doc,
What do you think is an appropriate age gap in a relationship?
I am just about to turn 20 and have been on a few dates with a woman who is 30.
Although no one has voiced it yet, I know some people think it's weird or wrong or something.
What do you think? Is there a limit on age gaps?

Hey Love Doc,
I broke up with my boyfriend recently - we had been together for about 8 months, we both agreed separation was best for us and are on pretty good terms.
The problem is that we had already booked a holiday overseas together. I am worried that if we travel together we will enjoy each others company a lot and forget why we broke up.
I don't want to confuse things but also this was a very expensive trip.
What should I do? Any tips on how to stop the relationship re-forming?

Morning Wake-up