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Natural Disaster Survival Kit

These over night quakes have really got me thinking - "Am I prepared for a Natural Disaster?" and honestly, the answer would be, No. I'm not prepared!

Natural Disaster Survival Kit

But it's not hard to piece together your own Natural Disaster Survival Kit for you and your family. My mum did this with my brother and I when we were younger and used the time to talk to us about what could happen and what we need to do if it does. Hopefully the need will never arise to get it out and use it!

You will need:

▢ 2Lt of water per person for 3 days
▢ 3-day supply of non-perishable food
▢ Water purification tablets
▢ Lightweight nylon cord (at least 15meters)
▢ Pliers or wrench to turn off water, gas, and other utilities
▢ Waterproof matches
▢ Solar cell phone charger
▢ Whistle
▢ Local maps (head to google maps and print out some directions to local schools and community halls)
▢ Week supply of crucial medications
▢ Non-electric can opener
▢ Utility knife
▢ First aid kit
▢ Garbage bags
▢ Cash
▢ Hand sanitizer
▢ Dust masks
▢ Duct tape, tarps, and scissors to make an improvised shelter
▢ LED flashlight or preferably a wind-up flashlight
▢ Extra batteries
▢ Triangular bandages
▢ Compass
▢ Moist towelettes
▢ Feminine supplies
▢ Baby formula and diapers
▢ Paper and pen
▢ Self-powered radio
▢ Toilet paper

You can pack all of the above into either a big backpack or into a big plastic bin with a snap on lid.

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Store your survival kit is a safe easy accessable place.

Stay safe out there fam!

If you already have one of these kits made up at home, remeber to pull it out every few years and change the water and check on bits and pieces that might need to be replaced. You don't want to be that person eating ten year old spaghetti now do you?

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