Charlie Explains Maundy Thursday Featured

Today, in the Christian calendar, today is Maundy Thursday. These days in the lead up to Easter are a great opportunity for us to reflect on what Easter is all about - Jesus dying on the cross, being resurrected and saving the world from their sins.

Maundy Thursday is the day before Good Friday, when Christians remember the Last Supper. Before they ate, Jesus washed His friends' feet to teach the disciples about serving and helping others. He even washed the feet of the man who betrayed him!
Later, as they ate dinner, Jesus told the disciples about his death. He used bread and wine to symbolise his sacrifice on the Cross. If you've ever taken communion, this is where that tradition began. Whenever we take communion we remember the huge sacrifice Jesus made for us.

Later that night, Jesus went to a pray in the Garden of Gethsemane where He was arrested and taken away by Roman soldiers.
Right now, I want to focus on the part where Jesus' washed his friends' feet. This is one of the greatest gifts Jesus gave to us: teaching us how to serve.
There are three kinds of ways you can help people and demonstrate love for them. You can help them. You can fix their problem! Or, you can serve them.

Helping people or fixing their problems for them can be a really good thing! Although sometimes, it can be patronising, or make people feel like they owe you something. Serving, though, truly connects both the giver and receiver.
After Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, he asked them if they realize what he has done. Some of the disciples might have said, "Well, you helped me get my feet clean!" But the correct answer is, "You have taught us how to serve." Jesus has demonstrated the radical form of love we are to live out if we are to be his followers. We need to become one with our sisters and brothers in need. We need to serve them! Serving people comes naturally when we believe, as Jesus did, in the radical equality of all human beings.

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