Josh Harris Opens Up About Leaving Christianity

Well known in the evangelical circles for his book "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" which he later denounced and withdrew from circulation, Josh Harris made waves last year when he announced that he had left Christianity. 

 At the time he explained on Instagram: "By all the measurements that I have for defining a Christian, I am not a Christian. Many people tell me that there is a different way to practice faith and I want to remain open to this, but I'm not there now." He also added, "To the LGBTQ+ community, I want to say that I am sorry for the views that I taught in my books and as a pastor regarding sexuality."

This week he appeared as a guest on Axios on HBO and spoke about why he left the Church. He said "As a pastor I excommunicated people. And you know I excommunicated myself essentially." He also said the seperation from his wife was a factor in leaving the Church.  "If you're not living according to the teaching of the Bible, and if you're living in unrepentant sin, you have to be put out of the Church. And I think I came to the point of recognizing, 'You know what? I'm not living according to this.' And I held other people to this standard, and I excommunicated myself, essentially."

You can watch more below:

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