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It's your place to chat about topics and issues affecting your life and faith. We usually kick off with an interview and then it's over to you. You can text us on 8168 first word Talk or better still give us a call 0508 54 3336 Sunday nights from 7pm. We'll catch you then.

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University - is it still worth it?

The education year is coming to an end and many year 13 students will be heading to university in the new year.

We asked if a degree is still the best way to go? Should places at universities be restricted according to the availability of jobs?

Do you feel your degree prepared you for your job? What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into your line of work?

We started by talking with Jane Kennelly the Director of Frog Recruitment about the job market and whether employers are stll after degrees.


Talk Sessions on Kanye West

Kanye West one of the most influential rappers of the last two decades released his ninth album, “Jesus Is King.”

He's also been hosting a series of “Sunday Service” worship events and the latest move is his new album, Jesus Is King. He also announced plans to release a follow-up, Jesus Is Born, on Christmas.

Regardless of how we all interpret his newfound passion for God, his sudden change has captured our collective attention.

We had a great discussion with callers around this.


Talk Sessions on Halloween

Halloween happens every 31st October, an event that pops up every year that we can't get away from. On the Talk Sessions we asked how do you respond to it?

What do you do when kids come knocking at your door?

If you have kids of the trick or treating age, what's your answer when they ask if they can go out with their friends?

We started the night with some history by chatting with History Professor Peter Lineham from Massey University about the origins of Halloween.