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Talk Sessions

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It's your place to chat about topics and issues affecting your life and faith. We usually kick off with an interview and then it's over to you. You can text us on 8168 first word Talk or better still give us a call 0508 54 3336 Sunday nights from 7pm. We'll catch you then.

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Charitable Giving

On the Talk Sessions we talked about charitable giving. What are the factors that motivate you to give your hard-earned money to an organisation? We started by chatting with Sue McCabe the Chief Exec of Philanthropy NZ and then heard from some great callers.


Freedom of Speech

On the Talk Sessions we asked is Freedom of Speech under threat? What implications does that have for the christian community?
This is in light of the Hannah Tamaki and the DWS drama, and also after a professor of philosophy who is coming to NZ in June.
He was going to be presenting at SkyCity but they've just pulled the plug on hosting him after there were strong objections to his views this all raises a conversation about what's ok to say and what's not.


Talk Sessions Open Mic

Open-line talk, we went with whatever listeners wanted to talk about. We chatted about everything from the demise of Holden in NZ to how to make the right decision, sex education, drinking alcohol, climate change and marjiuana phew! We talk about a lot of different topics, so take your pick.