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It's your place to chat about topics and issues affecting your life and faith. We usually kick off with an interview and then it's over to you. You can text us on 8168 first word Talk or better still give us a call 0508 54 3336 Sunday nights from 7pm. We'll catch you then.

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Coronavirus - Are you concerned?

On the Talk Sessions we were asking if people are concerned about the virus? We started by chatting with Prof Souxsie Wiles, a microbiologist from Auckland University and had some great calls. Hear what it's like to be in lockdown in China, a missionary who's just come back from China and from a logging business owner in NZ, plus many more calls.


Waitangi Day - is it just another public holiday?

Waitangi Day in the past has often been full of tension, so much so that a lot of us perhaps tuned out.

But has the tide has turned? It was said that this is "the Waitangi Day the Nation has been waiting for".

We talked with Luke Weston one of the hosts of Shine TV about the general feeling at the Waitangi grounds and chatted with listeners about their feelings towards the day.


Are Christian Political Parties a Good Idea?

On the Talk Sessions we started by chatting with Hannah Tamaki from Vision NZ and the Hon Alfred Ngaro from The National party about their aspirations and thoughts on Christians in politics and then heard from some great callers talking about on what do you look for in a PM or party and what's the most important issue for you?