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Talk Sessions

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It's your place to chat about topics and issues affecting your life and faith. We usually kick off with an interview and then it's over to you. You can text us on 8168 first word Talk or better still give us a call 0508 54 3336 Sunday nights from 7pm. We'll catch you then.

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Lockdown Debrief

On the Talk Sessions we did a debrief of the lockdown. It feels like the country has sprung back into life with more cars on the road, people out and about, queues at K-mart and school starting.

What expectations did you have of yourself going into the lockdown? What surprised you about yourself? Now that we're nearly out the other side what wisdom have you picked up? What would you tell yourself 6 weeks ago?

Did you learn a new language, get fit, write a book or lie on the courch and watch judgement, we're all different and experienced something pretty unique.

We started by talking with Shaun Robinson the CEO of the Mental Health Foundation.


Social Media and Influence

On the Talk Sessions we talked about social media, how it has changed and evolved over time, how its use has developed during this lockdown period, influencers and their role, the Dr Ashley Bloomfield and Sousxie Wiles phenomenon and the future of social media.

We started by talking with Aki Ang from @thesleekavenue about her journey to becoming an influencer and where that has led her. We also chatted with social media commentator Dr Gavin Ellis with his thoughts as well.