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Stations of the Cross

Share Your Creative Expression of Jesus Journey to The Cross

For 2000 years the story of Easter has inspired millions of lives.

This Easter we want to see your creative expression inspired by the Stations of the cross – the journey that Christ went through for our sake.

It could be a song, a painting, a poem, a drawing or short story…in fact anything you’re inspired to create.

The best artworks will be shared on our radio stations, and online channels.

The Stations of the Cross – told by YOU! This Easter on Life FM.

  • First Station: Jesus in agony in the Garden of Gethsemane
  • Second Station: Jesus betrayed by Judas and arrested
  • Third Station: Jesus condemned by the Sanhedrin
  • Fourth Station: Peter denies Jesus
  • Fifth Station: Jesus judged by Pilate
  • Sixth Station: Jesus scourged and crowned with thorns
  • Seventh Station: Jesus carries the cross
  • Eighth Station: Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry the cross
  • Ninth Station: Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem
  • Tenth Station: Jesus is crucified
  • Eleventh Station: Jesus promises the kingdom to the penitent thief
  • Twelfth Station: Jesus on the cross; his mother and his friend
  • Thirteenth Station: Jesus dies on the cross
  • Fourteenth Station: Jesus laid in the tomb
  • Fifteenth Station: Jesus risen from the dead


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Terms & Conditions
While you have full rights to the creative content you have submitted to Rhema Media's Stations of the Cross promotion, Rhema Media reserve the right to republish or rebroadcast any material submitted by you on any of our platforms, being radio, print or online.

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